The P & M Group

Offering complete solutions​ including design, installation, service and maintenance for cold stores, firewalls, data centres, clean rooms, single-envelope, external industrial cladding and doors.

The P & M Group

The P & M Group consists of: ISD Solutions a respected provider of the design, installation, service and maintenance of insulated structures, ISD Solutions Australia, PLG Insulations a specialist thermal pipe insulation company, S Tysoe Installations, a specialist labour installation and service and maintenance business, with a new venture, QuayTherm Manufacturing coming on stream in 2023.

Working collaboratively with customers

With our head office in Gloucester and offices around the UK and in Australia, our design teams work closely with architects, specifiers, consultants, main contractors, and end clients, collaborating at the earliest stages of design projects to pinpoint the most appropriate and effective solutions, managing them throughout their lifecycle.

We can be called upon for projects of all sizes and were recently responsible for installation of the largest fully automated cold store in the Southern Hemisphere. With considerable experience, skills and highly talented employees, we work collaboratively with customers to implement the correct technical, sustainable and responsible solution, whatever their sector and needs.

Responsible cold store solutions

As a UK-leader in cold storage envelopes, we believe it is our responsibility to drive forward the country’s sustainable cold storage provision. Food emissions are a large contributor towards greenhouse gas emissions and the impact of the refrigeration industry on the ozone layer led to the United Nations’ 1987 Montreal Protocol agreeing to phasing out the production of numerous substances responsible for ozone depletion, including certain refrigerants (HFCs & HCFCs).

There’s no doubt our products and services make a critical contribution towards many key industries, and our mission is to design, manufacture and maintain our solutions in a responsible and where possible, circular – way, with positive impacts on the planet. This remains at the heart of our conversations with customers and the solutions we offer.

Sustainability and responsible business go beyond planetary care, which is why we are also committed to training, nurturing and developing a sustainable workforce of designers, consultants, installers and customer service specialists to add value to our business and those of our customers.

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Our commitment
to sustainability

The P & M Group has always been committed to sustainability. Businesses large and small have a responsibility to play a part in addressing the multitude of crises and challenges that face us all and which should compel us to take action