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The P&M Group marks Earth Day by launching its latest sustainability report

We have taken another step on our ESG journey by launching our 2024 Sustainability Report. On April 22nd people from around the world come together to celebrate Earth Day and we are using the event as a platform to share our key achievements over the last 12 months and set out an ambitious action plan to embed sustainable practice across our organisation.

US senator and environmentalist Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day back in 1970 in the wake of the catastrophic oil spill in Santa Barbara and the annual event now provides a focal point for  activism and debate. The P & M Group has always been passionate about securing success by being an ethical and responsible business and today seemed an appropriate time to launch our latest sustainability report.

We named our sustainability strategy Project Acorn to highlight that the small steps we take today will help have positive future impacts on people and planet. Our latest report showcases the progress we have made and sets out our future ambitions. We are determined to lead the charge as a specialist subcontractor to the cold chain and construction industries in driving decarbonisation and allowing our customers to make more sustainable choices.

Embracing sustainable practice

In January 2023 P&M appointed Joanne Swift PIEMA as Group Sustainability Manager and she has since been working alongside consultancy Wylde Connections to develop a robust sustainability strategy. The report highlights how Joanne is driving positive interventions and forming partnerships that will help meet P&M’s objectives to support people and planet.

We have taken great strides in developing and implementing a strategy that engages with all key stakeholders to maximise positive impacts. The report explores a range of initiatives over the last 12 months that have included establishing baseline greenhouse gas emissions, carrying out supply chain due diligence, promoting collaboration and raising awareness across the cold chain industry around how it might reduce its carbon footprint.

Our people are our greatest asset and P&M staff have been fully engaged in ensuring Project Acorn maintains momentum. Be it sharing their ideas through our Staff Sustainability Survey, helping raise money to support a Community Interest Company that organises beach clean ups, or acting as STEM role models for school children, they are keeping us on track.

External Engagement

Our report also highlights how supply chain due diligence is supporting us on our sustainability journey. We are working with a procurement consultant to help develop our strategy and have formed new partnerships with businesses that share our values. For instance, we work with an aluminium supplier that guarantees to supply us with billet made from at least 60% recycled content and take back waste to reincorporate into their manufacturing processes.

We can have far greater impact as a sustainable business through collaborative working and awareness raising. Our report trilogy series “The hidden cost of a coldstore: From energy consumption to health and safety” educates businesses within the industry on how our specialisms can support them in embracing sustainability. We are also extending our sphere of influence by taking part in Cold Chain Federation events and panel discussions to promote the benefits of improving energy efficiency.

Baseline emissions

The last 12 months has also seen P&M embark on our journey to measure and report on emissions. Only by doing this can we understand our environmental impacts and identify ways to address them. By working with Wylde Connections, we completed our baseline emissions and have gone on to successfully compile data for ISD Solutions UK, S Tysoe, and PLG Insulations.

The data covers two consecutive financial years: 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 and our latest sustainability report enables us to share our findings. The next step is to continue developing our carbon reduction plan, drive decarbonisation across the Group and throughout our wider supply chain.

Looking to the future

We are committed to a programme of continuous development to accelerate the progress of Project Acorn. Our report includes a Road Map which sets out the key actions and milestones that will help us meet our goals.

Within the next few months we are driving a series of initiatives, including providing sustainability training across the Group, and finding new ways to track waste and reduce our operational emissions.

In the next year we have the opportunity to take Project Acorn to the next level and we are keen for partners from across the industry to work with us. Our acorn has grown into a healthy sapling, and we are excited about working with all our stakeholders to secure a more sustainable future. Read our full report to learn more about our achievements and ambitious action plan, available to download from our sustainability page.

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