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World Ocean Day 8th June 2024 – Protecting the blue planet


The ocean is our life support system, and it is essential we protect its precious ecosystems. On Saturday 8th June people across the globe will mark World Ocean Day 2024. Participants use the annual event to come together in catalysing collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate, as well as taking action through the year. As part of our sustainability strategy Project Acorn, The P & M Group wants to take every opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of protecting our blue planet.


World Ocean Day mobilises a global movement to raise the profile of marine environments. As a species, humans are highly dependent on the ocean’s resources and only by using them responsibly can we secure a sustainable future. June 8th provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on conservation issues and keep pressure on governments to uphold their commitment to protecting 30% of terrestrial and marine areas by 2030.

More than two thirds of our planet comprise of ocean, and it is home to an array of marine species. World Oceans Day highlights that the blue planet generates half of the oxygen we need and absorbs around 30% of carbon dioxide emissions produced by humans. It will play a critical role in the fight against climate change by acting as an enormous carbon sink that helps minimise global warming.

Yet many of the oceans one million species are under threat. Increasing temperatures, acidification, overfishing and pollution are all taking their toll on ocean life. Much of our waste finds its way into waterways harming wildlife and destroying habitats. A study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, University of Oxford, University of Leeds, and Common Seas indicates the volume of ocean plastic could nearly triple in the next two decades and by 2050 there might be more plastic than fish.

It is imperative we find ways to protect aquatic ecosystems and manage resources more responsibly and businesses have a key role to play in driving the ecological agenda. Our recent Staff Sustainability Survey highlighted that the effect of climate change respondents are most concerned about is deteriorating ocean environments. From reviewing and upgrading our waste management strategy to identifying ways to reduce emissions, we are committed to helping the ocean thrive through sustainable practice.

As part of Zero Waste Week 2023 we held a cake sale for local Community Interest Company (CIC) Beach Guardians who are committed to clearing waste from our coastline and raise awareness about the impact of pollution. This type of intervention is clearly dear to the hearts of our internal community, and we will continue exploring new ways of protecting the blue planet.

We can all make small changes to be ocean positive. Five top tips:

      • Plastics – Explore how you can reduce your plastic consumption. Take your own bags to the shops, your own cup to the café, choose products with reduced packaging and opt for reusable water bottles. Go a step further by volunteering your time to take part in litter picks.

        • Reduce your carbon footprint – A heating planet has devastating consequences for the ocean. Try making greater use of public transport or turn down your thermostat by a degree.

          • Diet – Global fish populations are being rapidly depleted which fuels biodiversity loss. Pay more attention to labels in the supermarket and make sustainable seafood choices. Visit Seafood Watch – – for more information on sustainable seafood options.

            • Travel – Whether splashing in a kayak or lounging on the beach, dispose of your waste responsibly. If choosing a cruise or ferry trip, pay attention to the environmental impact of the vessel.

              • Support good causes – Consider donating money and time to organisations that protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife. Options include becoming a member of the Marine Conservation Society –

            For more information on World Ocean Day visit: or

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