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The P&M Group’s Sustainability Manager boosts her credentials with prestigious ESG qualification

P&M is committed to helping people fulfil their potential and develop the skills they need to excel. Our Sustainability Manager Joanne Swift has been hard at work building on her ESG knowledge base and has now been awarded the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management Practitioner Membership (PIEMA). This internationally recognised qualification reflects Joanne’s achievements in … Read more

Professional indemnity insurance for fire safety – is your business unknowingly at risk? ISD Solutions Managing Director, Adrian Smith, offers you some insight.

Claims on professional indemnity (PI) – the policy taken out to protect against the risk of negligent business services or advice – are seldom straight forward. More often than not when things do go wrong there is a variety of contribution factors. So it’s a complex matter and we have worked with our insurance brokers … Read more

Working together to support people, profit and planet – P&M’s staff survey gives everyone input into sustainability interventions

The P & M Group is on an exciting journey embedding sustainability across the organisation and reaping the benefits of being an ethical and responsible business. Yet we know we can’t do it alone. Our staff are our greatest asset, and our recent Sustainability Survey provided the perfect opportunity to gauge understanding of ESG issues … Read more

Leading the charge – The P & M Group presents energy efficiency recommendations in Cold Chain Federation webinar

As an SME, The P & M Group is punching well above its weight in the field of sustainability and supporting their industry in its drive to Net Zero. Earlier this month, we took the opportunity to share our insight with more than 100 professionals as part of Cold Chain Energy Week. The Cold Chain … Read more

Responsible waste management – The P & M Group’s commitment to reduction, reuse and recycling

Responsible waste management – The P & M Group’s commitment to reduction, reuse and recycling We are in the midst of a waste crisis and the rubbish we generate has a devastating environmental impact. The P & M Group is passionate about supporting the triple bottom line and developing a robust waste management reduction plan … Read more

The hidden cost of a coldstore – Closing the door on thermal loss

Coldstore operators are becoming increasingly concerned about the financial and environmental cost of running their facilities. Minimising energy usage, employing effective maintenance and reducing operational risks is now a top priority. The P & M Group has launched the third and final report in our trilogy of white papers to highlight the hidden costs of … Read more

Investing in a Stemazing future…

The P & M Group has always prided itself on valuing people as its greatest asset. As part of its sustainability strategy, the business has now partnered with social enterprise Stemazing to put inclusivity at the heart of talent attraction and retention.

The role of thermal efficiency and air tightness in reducing costs and environmental impact

Coldstore operators are struggling to manage the dual challenge of combating spiralling operating costs and minimising their carbon footprint. Inflationary pressures are squeezing margins and forcing businesses to explore ways of optimising their building’s performance. The P & M Group has launched the second in its trilogy of white papers to highlight the hidden costs of a … Read more