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Driving energy efficiency with the power of thermal insulation

Conserving energy is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s business community. The combined drivers of reducing emissions and tackling energy price inflation have focused minds on minimising consumption. The P & M Group has launched the first of a trilogy of white papers to highlight the hidden costs of a coldstore. In the first one, PLG Insulations explores why Specialist Thermal Engineering is integral to sustainable construction projects to guarantee long-term success through energy savings and system protection.

Whether you are a food manufacturer, cold storage provider, refrigeration or mechanical and electrical contractor, comprehensive thermal insulation should be at the heart of your considerations. Professionals across the coldstore sector are waking up to the fact that effective insulation, simultaneously meeting the needs of people, planet and profit.

There has never been a better time to embrace energy efficiency given rising bills and pressure from legislators, customers, and suppliers to operate in a more sustainable way. Designing energy efficient facilities makes financial as well as environmental sense, especially for those faced with soaring refrigeration costs. 

Many businesses are now investing in thermal imaging surveys to understand how their facility is performing in terms of energy efficiency. Be it pipework, bespoke cladding, or thermal mats, effective thermal insulation is now far higher up the agenda. Our report provides guidance on what to consider when integrating insulation in a project to maximise opportunities to reduce waste, cut costs and manage risks.

A range of materials are on offer for different applications, the most common of which are polyisocyanurate, phenolic insulation material and mineral wool. In addition, other products like Armaflex and Nitrile can also prove effective.

Seeking expert advice is key to finding the best solution. Indeed, making the wrong choice of insulation can have dramatic consequences. Poorly insulated equipment will cost more to maintain and can lead to leakage and major damage, not to mention being a health and safety hazard. No company can afford the impact to their reputation and bottom line.

We are determined to play our part in educating businesses about the dangers of cut-price insulation and the benefits of effective thermal solutions. That is about moving away from focusing purely on price towards securing long-term value. 

Too often, insulation contractors are not given the time and resources they need to work effectively. It takes a new mindset to embrace insulating solutions. That means better training of relevant personnel, choosing the right materials, optimising insulation gains through better design and ensuring insulation is installed by approved specialists.

Read our white paper to learn more about the energy saving benefits of thermal insulation. We have provided guidance on how to manage a project effectively, avoid the common pitfalls and future proof the installation. It is time to consider thermal insulation from the outset of any construction project. Together we can boost the energy performance of any facility, cutting costs whilst supporting the drive for Net Zero. 

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